Two Year Old Classroom

In our two year old room there will be a daily schedule with predictable routines for the children to become familiar and comfortable with. We will also offer music and movement, art opportunities, gardening, cooking, dramatic play, sensory exploration, outdoor playtime and community service projects. There are ample free play opportunities as we have worked hard to design a space for children who can explore and learn at their own pace. A morning gathering will occur daily with a welcome song, singing and review of shapes, colors, counting and any special project we are focusing on. The indoor and outdoor environment are inspired by Reggio Emilia, R.I.E. and Waldorf child development philosophies.

Emergent Curriculum

Discovery Days will be using “Emergent Curriculum” which uses the interests of the children to direct the curriculum. Teachers will observe the children closely to dictate how they plan their lessons, which are all play based. DDELC bases its curriculum on both teacher knowledge and what is meaningful for each child. Curriculum emerges from a collaboration between teacher direction and children’s interests. The interests of the children will inspire the lessons, which turn into month long explorations of the topics.

Some of the goals of the curriculum are:

  • To encourage children to be actively involved in the learning process.
  • To prompt children to think creatively.
  • To aide children in asking questions and discovering answers.
  • To encourage children to become curious and enthusiastic learners.
  • To support children in experiencing success and developing self-confidence.
  • To promote, model and support appropriate social behavior.