Lisa Marie Scott

Meet the Director and Owner

Born in a small rural town in Northern California, Lisa Marie grew up playing outdoors, using her imagination to discover, explore and create adventure. Lisa’s admiration and wonder of early childhood education stems from over two decades of work with young children both in formal and informal settings.

Lisa Marie attended college at San Diego State University and earned her Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education from Loyola Marymount University. Lisa Marie is the Director and Owner of DDELC, a high quality early childhood education program, she has been successfully running since 2013. Lisa Marie has experience as a Kindergarten teacher, a Transitional Kindergarten teacher, and experience working at an accredited children’s center.

Lisa Marie’s philosophy of educating young children revolve around believing the child is already an avid and capable learner and explorer. Lisa firmly believes it is the educator’s job to provide an environment where the child’s curiosity about the world can flourish and expand at a pace that is dictated by the children themselves. Integrating several developmental theories and child development philosophies, such as Reggio Emilia, concepts from Waldorf, RIE (Resources for Infant Educarers) and attachment theory, Lisa Marie strives to expose her students to new daily experiences and invites all children to learn and grow at their own pace.

Discovery Days Early Learning Center is a culminating product of all Lisa’s studies, experience and passion for educating the minds of young children.